Project Description

Stainless Steel Balls (316)

AISI 316 stainless steel balls meet requirements for an unhardened ball. 316SS is an austenitic, Chromium-Nickel-Molybdenum stainless offering superior corrosion resistance due to the higher Nickel, Molybdenum content. Typical applications include marine equipment, textile finishing equipment and valves.

When it comes to the process of manufacturing a 316 stainless steel ball to the highest quality available, New England Miniature Ball has the experience to meet your most exacting requirements! Whatever the grade or tolerance is, we can create a 316 stainless steel ball to your exact specifications. Fill out the Contact form above to learn more about our capabilities!

Passivation is available upon request.

Equivalent Grades

ASTM A276DIN 17006DIN 17006JISBSIGB 1220-92AFNOR5 SISNo.
316X5CrNiMo17-13-31,4401SU316316S160Cr17Ni12Mo2Z 2 CND 17.1123471.4436
316LX5CrNiMo17-14-31,4404SU316L316S1200Cr17Ni12Mo2Z 2 CND 17.122343 / 2348 / 25531.4435

Material Standards: ASTM A276; A314; A555/A555M; A580/A580M; AMS5648; AMS5653; QQ-W-423; SAE AMS QQ-S-763; MIL-S-862.

Heat Treating: Non-annealed balls meet a standard of HR/C 25–39. NADCAP Heat treating(Annealing) can be provided to meet AMS2759, AMS2759/3 and to achieve a hardness of 75-90 Rockwell B; Boeing approved BAC5619; Lockheed Martin approved; CQI-9; MIL-H-6875; and AMS-H-6875.

Balls can be supplied either annealed or non-annealed.

NADCAP Passivation can be provided per Aerospace AMS2700; ASTM A380; and AMS-QQ-P-35.

Chemical Analysis

Carbon.08% Max
Chromium16 to 18%
Manganese 2% Max
Silicon 1% Max
Phosphorus0.045% Max
Sulfur0.03% Max
Nickel10 to 14%
Molybdenum2 to 3%

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength84,000 to 185,00 psi
Yield Strength42,000 to 140,00 psi
Elongation in two inches50%
Reduction in area60%
Modulus of elasticity28,000,000 psi
Density.288 lbs./cu. In.