Project Description

Stainless Steel Balls(302, 304)

AISI 302 stainless steel balls offer excellent corrosion resistance in organic, industrial and marine environments. Non-magnetic properties are combined with exceptional toughness at all temperatures, making these balls excellent selections for many applications including aerosol sprayers, finger pump mechanisms and food processing equipment.

NEMB is an experienced 302 stainless steel ball manufacturer that is dedicated to our clients success! Whatever your industrial application is, New England Miniature Ball can help you find the right solution for your unique requirement. Fill out the Contact form above to learn more about our 302 stainless steel ball offerings!

Equivalent Grades

302X5CrNi187SUS302302S251Cr18Ni9Z 12 CN 18-0923 3112KH18N91.4325
304X5CrNi1810SUS304304S150Cr18Ni9Z 6CN 18-0923 3208X18H101.4301
304LX5CrNi1811SUS304L304S1100Cr19Ni11X 2 CrNi 191123 5203X18H111.4307

Material standards: ASTM A276; A555/A555M; A580/A580M; AMS5636, AMS5697, Federal QQ-S-763, MIL-S-862; and QQ-W-423.

Heat Treating: Non-annealed balls meet a standard of HR/C 25–39. NADCAP Heat treating(Annealing) can be provided to meet AMS2759, AMS2759/3 and to achieve a hardness of 75-90 Rockwell B; Boeing approved BAC5619; Lockheed Martin approved; CQI-9; MIL-H-6875; and AMS-H-6875.

Balls can be supplied either annealed or non-annealed.

NADCAP Passivation can be provided per Aerospace AMS2700; ASTM A380; and AMS-QQ-P-35.

Chemical Compositon

Carbon.15% Max
Chromium17 to 19%
Manganese 2% Max
Silicon 1% Max
Phosphorus0.045% Max
Sulfur0.03% Max
Nickel8 to 10%

Mechanical Properties

Tensile Strength100,000 to 180,00 psi
Yield Strength50,000 to 150,00 psi
Elongation in two inches50%
Reduction in area55 to 60%
Modulus of elasticity28,000,000 psi
Density.286 lbs./cu. In.

Size RangeGrade RangeStandardApplications
.015625″ – 0.250″48 – 500Grade 100
  • Valves
  • Couplings
  • Detent balls
  • Vent balls
  • Plug balls
  • Pumps
  • Slides